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Vinyl Record Reviews. We talk about new records, color (peak) vinyl, and vinyl record re-issues, upcoming, present and past pressings. We don’t review music, we only discuss physical records and packaging. We try to include everything that is included in a package, the record, ephemera, trivia, information about the pressing (when available). If you love vinyl, this is the place for you! This site is developing and any input you may have is appriciated. Leave comments.

Slowdive (2017)

Slowdive (2017)

Slowdive, Vinyl, Gatefold Cover After a 22 year break Slowdive release their 4th album self-titled Slowdive (out on Dead Oceans). This record is one...

Spoon / Hot Thoughts

Spoon - Hot Thoughts Purple Vinyl 1xLP OLE-1128-1 Spoon's latest release, Hot Thoughts is everything it supposed to be; catchy hooks, dynamic vocals...

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