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Hogni – Two Trains – Red Transparent Vinyl Ltd 750 eratp103lp

Hogni – Two Trains | Transparent Red Vinyl LP Ltd 750 | eratp1031lp

Hogni – Two Trains is the first solo recording by Islandic artist Högni Egilsson formerly of Hjaltalín and Gus Gus. Transparent red vinyl pressed in a limited edition of 750, record held in a paper sleeve lined with anti-static plastic. Card stock one sheet included with track listings, lyrics, credits and thanks. Title logo sticker affixed to shrink wrap. Length: 33:52. Digital download code included.

First off, the transparent red vinyl is quite striking and with the red cover art it just makes visual sense. There us a more limited edition of 250, pressed in transparent green, available and as always black vinyl.

The overall quality of the record is apparent with the subdued sounds that, on a decent system and speakers, is rich and dynamic. Audiophile systems will experience even greater sound dynamics. Most of the tracks are mostly sung in Icelandic, but there are a couple with English lyrics. There was minimal surface noise. Break up ends with a sustained single note that very slowly fades into nothing. To get a real feel for Two Trains you need to turn it up!

Color Vinyl editions: Transparent Red Ltd 750, Transparent Green Ltd 250, Black.


Songs by Högni Egilsson, Atll Bollason and Stephan Stephensen except tracks 1 & 6 by Högni Egilsson & Atll Bollason and track 5 written by Högni Egilsson & Stephan Stephensen

Produced by President Bongo

Mixed by: Addi 800 & President Bongo

Sequenced by Robert Raths

Mastered: Black Saloon by: Mandy Parnell

Master Cut: Calyx by: Lupo

Art Direction: Siggi Odds

Layout: Feld by: Torsten Posselt & Andreas Ruekel

Photography: Anna Maggý


Side A
1 Andaðu 2:28
2 Shed Your Skin 3:36
3 Komdu með 4:06
4 Crash 4:58
5 Dragðu mig 1:59

Side B
6 Óveðursský 2:35
7 Break-up 4:25
8 Moon Pitcher 3:30
9 Parallel 3:38
10 Enn næða orð 4:34

Spoon / Hot Thoughts

Spoon – Hot Thoughts Purple Vinyl 1xLP OLE-1128-1

Spoon’s latest release, Hot Thoughts is everything it supposed to be; catchy hooks, dynamic vocals and instruments. There are no bad songs in this record. And for vinyl you know that’s important, you can put it on the player and let it go. The record’s highlights, that you’ve undoubtedly heard so far, are “Hot Thoughts”, “Can I Sit Next to You?”. Other standouts, that you’ll need the record to hear, are “WhisperI’lllistentohearit”, “Pink Up”, “I Ain’t the One”. But, as mentioned, all the songs are great and listenable. If you love Spoon, then you’ll love their 9th album, Hot thoughts.

Vinyl color options: Black, pink, purple and clear vinyl.


Songs by Britt Daniel except tracks 1 & 9 by Britt Daniel & Sean Dineen, track 4 by Alex Fischel & Britt Daniel, track by Britt Daniel & LP, and track 10 by Ted Taforo & Britt Daniel

Produced by Spoon & Dave Fridmann

Recorded at: Tarbox Road Studios, Public Hi-Fi & The Catacomb by: Dave Fridmann

Mixed by Dave Fridmann

Mastered: Howie Weinberg

Design: Alan Hynes & Britt Daniel

Cover image: Christine Messersmith


Side A
1 Hot Thoughts 3:49
2 WhisperI’lllistentohearit 4:20
3 Do I Have to Talk You Into It 4:20
4 First Caress 2:48
5 Pink Up 5:57
Side B
6 Can I Sit Next to You 3:54
7 I Ain’t the One 3:47
8 Tear It Down 4:20
9 Shotgun 3:38
10 Us 4:57