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Elliott Smith: Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition

Elliott Smith: Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition

Elliott Smith: Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition. Kill Rock Stars. Peak Vinyl. Out Aug. 28th, 2020

elliott smith expanded 25th anniversary edition

Elliott Smith: Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Elliott Smith’s self-titled 2nd album release, Kill Rock Stars is reissuing a completely remastered 2-Disc CD or LP, this release also includes extra tracks not heard before. Formats include: mp3 – $13, wav – $15, 2xCD+Book – $25, 2x LP Black Vinyl + Book – $44.99 and 2x LP Highlighter Yellow Vinyl + Book – $54.99, available for preorder.

Released in 1995, it was largly ignored by the music press, but celebrated by artists from the Beasty Boys to Fugazi. CDs and LPs include the 52-page coffee table book with previously unseen photographs of Elliott by JJ Gonson, hand writen lyrics and remenicences by his colleagues and friends. Gonson shot the original album cover image.

For this release Larry Crane, producer/engineer and official archivist for the Smith family collected masters, files, cassetts, DAT and tape reels to get the closest sources to the origional mixes. It also includes the oldest known recording of Elliot performing live as a solo act. Prior to Elliot Smith his band Heatmiser released music and Elliot released his first solo record Roman Candle in 1994. Read more about this record here.

Merge Re-issues Polvo’s Debut & Sophomore Records

Merge Re-issues Polvo’s Debut & Sophomore Records

POLVO on Peak Vinyl Reissues

Merge Records releases two classic records from North Carolina rockers Polvo on Peak Vinyl. These are limited-edition one-time pressings: Cor-Crane Secret on opaque blue and white and Today’s Active Lifestyles on opaque red and mustard yellow, housed in a cardstock sleeves. Redesigned album art features never-before-seen photos from the band’s archive. Includes digital download card. Order before they’re gone!
POLVO – Cor-Crane Secret – Reissue – Peak Vinyl
Purchase here or order from your local independent record store.
Today’s Active Lifestyles
Purchase here or order from your local independent record store.
Yo La Tengo – There’s A Riot Going On 2xLP

Yo La Tengo – There’s A Riot Going On 2xLP

Yo La Tengo – There’s A Riot Going On | 2 x Black Vinyl LP | OLE 1166-1 US

Yo La Tengo – There’s A Riot Going On is their 15th and, 2018 release from Matador Records. 2 Black vinyl records, card stock sleeve inserted into an outer sleeve, clear title logo sticker affixed to shrink wrap. Length: 63:31. Digital download coupon included.

We love Yo La Tengo and, over the years their music has developed into a niche all their own. A catalog of music running the sonic spectrum from distorted feedback to almost-whispered lullabies. There’s A Riot Going On is not hard, it’s a solid record with enough variety to keep from being boring, so filler tracks here, if you love Yo La Tengo of the Autumn Sweater years, this record will make you happy.

The sound quality of the vinyl is good with no noticeable noise on an average system. People with high-end audiophile systems, and a well-developed ear, will have to review the record to determine its overall audiophile quality.

For the rest of us; we played the track Shortwave, with its subtle sounds and samples, we could clearly hear soft-singing voices, synth sounds, bow on bass reverb, audio from tv/radio samples in the background, ambient noises, minimal guitar notes. The different sounds were audible and pleasing. Compared to the digital, (which is included with purchase) the vinyl was nearly identical.


Songs by Yo La Tengo except Polynesia #1 by Michael Hurley
Recorded by James McNew
Produced by Yo La Tengo
Mixed: Soma Electronic Music Studios by: John McEntire
Mastered: Sterling Sound by: Greg Calbi
Lacquer Cutting: Ray Janos
Design: Mark Ohe


Disc 1
1 You Are Here 5:43
2 Shades Of Blue 2:51
3 She May, She Might 5:22
Disc 2
1 For You Too 4:13
2 Ashes 3:11
3 Polynesia #1 2:25
4 Dream Dream Away 5:49
Disc 3
1 Shortwave 5:44
2 Above The Sound 5:38
3 Let’s Do It Wrong 2:53
4 What Chance Have I Got 3:05
Disc 4
1 Esportes Casual 1:25
2 Forever 3:50
3 Out Of The Pool 2:43
4 Here You Are 6:55

Built To Spill / Ultimate Alternative Wavers

Built To Spill / Ultimate Alternative Wavers

Ultimate Alternative Wavers, Double – LP 180 Gram Vinyl, Gatefold Cover

After leaving the Boise post punkers Treepeople, Doug Martsch started Built to Spill. Their first full-length studio release; Ultimate Alternative Wavers was recorded at Audio Lab in Boise, Idaho, in the fall of 1992 and released by C/Z Records on May 1, 1993. Originally available on CD it was produced for reissue by Matt Sullivan for this double vinyl record in 2013. The original CD went out of print and was re-released in 2006.

Having never heard Ultimate Alternative Wavers on vinyl, but having listened to the CD hundreds and hundreds of times, the first play was almost as if I hadn’t heard it before.

The record jacket has been reproduced in its entirety and includes a one sheet with more information of the recording a track listing with full recording credits and a portrait of the band probably taken at Fred Meyer Portrait Studio (if such a thing exists).

Analog recording, Analog playback

The record starts off with ironically with a track called The First Song, which builds from a low volume until reaching a crescendo and merging into the main song. Play that loud for the full effect. If you love Built To Spill you’ll love this LP reporduced on two 180 gram discs for audiophile quality sound. 

This has always been a favorite. Make it yours.

Spoon / Hot Thoughts

Spoon – Hot Thoughts Purple Vinyl 1xLP OLE-1128-1

Spoon’s latest release, Hot Thoughts is everything it supposed to be; catchy hooks, dynamic vocals and instruments. There are no bad songs in this record. And for vinyl you know that’s important, you can put it on the player and let it go. The record’s highlights, that you’ve undoubtedly heard so far, are “Hot Thoughts”, “Can I Sit Next to You?”. Other standouts, that you’ll need the record to hear, are “WhisperI’lllistentohearit”, “Pink Up”, “I Ain’t the One”. But, as mentioned, all the songs are great and listenable. If you love Spoon, then you’ll love their 9th album, Hot thoughts.

Vinyl color options: Black, pink, purple and clear vinyl.


Songs by Britt Daniel except tracks 1 & 9 by Britt Daniel & Sean Dineen, track 4 by Alex Fischel & Britt Daniel, track by Britt Daniel & LP, and track 10 by Ted Taforo & Britt Daniel

Produced by Spoon & Dave Fridmann

Recorded at: Tarbox Road Studios, Public Hi-Fi & The Catacomb by: Dave Fridmann

Mixed by Dave Fridmann

Mastered: Howie Weinberg

Design: Alan Hynes & Britt Daniel

Cover image: Christine Messersmith


Side A
1 Hot Thoughts 3:49
2 WhisperI’lllistentohearit 4:20
3 Do I Have to Talk You Into It 4:20
4 First Caress 2:48
5 Pink Up 5:57
Side B
6 Can I Sit Next to You 3:54
7 I Ain’t the One 3:47
8 Tear It Down 4:20
9 Shotgun 3:38
10 Us 4:57