Manifest Vinyl Records

Ultimate Alternative Wavers, Double – LP 180 Gram Vinyl, Gatefold Cover

After leaving the Boise post punkers Treepeople, Doug Martsch started Built to Spill. Their first full-length studio release; Ultimate Alternative Wavers was recorded at Audio Lab in Boise, Idaho, in the fall of 1992 and released by C/Z Records on May 1, 1993. Originally available on CD it was produced for reissue by Matt Sullivan for this double vinyl record in 2013. The original CD went out of print and was re-released in 2006.

Having never heard Ultimate Alternative Wavers on vinyl, but having listened to the CD hundreds and hundreds of times, the first play was almost as if I hadn’t heard it before.

The record jacket has been reproduced in its entirety and includes a one sheet with more information of the recording a track listing with full recording credits and a portrait of the band probably taken at Fred Meyer Portrait Studio (if such a thing exists).

Analog recording, Analog playback

The record starts off with ironically with a track called The First Song, which builds from a low volume until reaching a crescendo and merging into the main song. Play that loud for the full effect. If you love Built To Spill you’ll love this LP reporduced on two 180 gram discs for audiophile quality sound. 

This has always been a favorite. Make it yours.